My name is Dhaval Bhavsar, a film enthusiast. I’m a glass is half full kind of guy when it comes to movies. I will give anything a chance, and only post things up here that I either recommend watching, or feel is important enough that I want to share with you.

Some of the movie I share or recommend on this blog are amongst my favourites so far into my journey to realize the glory within the silver screen. So many movies are left sitting on shelves, in libraries, or have become memories to people who once considered them critical to their interpretation of culture and integral in shaping their self-awareness. I see movies as mirrors, for individuals and society. I see great movies as pieces of art which unite signs and sounds to create a distinct voice. I see great film-makers as visionaries able to transcend their medium, to reach out to audiences.

My blog is the beginning of a greater conversation for me. It is my foray into the world of cinema, and the reason I write is to bring a group of fellow travellers along for the ride. I hope to be both a guide for you, describing through anecdotes moments and stories that resonate with me, but also to engage in a discussion over the greater merits of films within society. I implore you to not only read the posts on this blog, to not settle for merely watching the movies I recommend, but to engage in this larger conversation about culture. Through film, we can find ourselves, and through discussion, we may unite.


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