My Picks for the 2010 Academy Awards…

So the Academy Awards are only a few weeks away, and things are heating up in the races. A lot of people have had their say on the ten nominations for Best Picture this year, and are submitting their picks for the winners. Here are my picks.

My earlier post discussed one film in particular that was not included in the list, but this post won’t dwell on that. Rather, I will discuss who I think will and should win amongst those nominated. For each category also, I will add in the end the total number of films in each category I have seen. I hope to edit this through time to give a better representation of who I choose.

I believe, and as do many others, that the Best Picture race will and is winding down to two very different films” Avatar and The Hurt Locker. These two films are one the different end of the spectrum. The former is the be all and end all of Blockbusters, and will go down in history as the film that really changed the way films will be made. The latter is a film that excels in fine storytelling and focuses on brilliant character development, something reminiscent of many Best Picture winners from the past.

I liked The Hurt Locker more than I did the Pandora juggernaut. I liked Katheryn Bigelow’s film because of first and foremost, Jeremy Renner’s performance. I haven’t seem Crazy Heart yet, but when I do, I will chime in on that race as well, but currently it looks like Jeff Bridges will take it away (8/10).

In the race for Best Director, I give it to James Cameron, simply because of the shear commitment he took to generate the huge spectacle on film. Cameron is a micromanager, he is a multi-tasker, he is the engineer, director, the camera man, the editor, the producer, he is the Tzar of Avatar, and when he was finished, out came something beyond film (4/5).

My pick, strictly from other people’s reviews and from what I hear on blogs and sites everywhere and from other awards shows, Jeff Bridges will win Best Actor. I definitely need to see it. From the nominees that I have seen, I like Jeremy Renner (3/5).

For Best Actress, I really like Carey Mulligan from An Education. She carried that film and was fantastic in it. Again, I haven’t seen any of the other films yet, and will keep you informed on who I think should win (1/5).

Best Supporting Actor = Christoph Waltz. Nuff said (3/5).

I’ve only seen one of the Best Supporting Actresses films so far, and from what I’ve seen, I like Anna Kendrick, but from what I’ve heard, Mo’Nique will win for Precious (1/4).

Best Original Screeenplay, I choose Inglorious Basterds by Tarantino. Simple brilliant, and he is unmatched in this category, in my honest opinion (4/5).

Best Adapted Screenplay, I choose Nick Hornby for An Education. I was surprised when watching this, but I really enjoyed it, and recommend people go see it. Its a great watch, and the script is phenomenal. There have been rumors that Reitman’s film Up In The Air will take it, but I don’t know if it should (3/5).

In Best Cinematography, I believe Avatar will win because it was beautiful film to watch. Every scene in the film is magnificent to see (4/5).

For Best Animated Film, I choose The Fantastic Mr Fox over UP. These are the only two films in contention here, and although Fox didn’t get a best film nomination, I think it should be the one which wins this Award; plus I just really like Wes Anderson films, and this one was vintage Wes Anderson (2/5).

So although I haven’t seen all the movies listed above, I think that watching a few more, namely Julie and Julia, Precious, and Blindside, I can cover most of the deficiencies. More to come.


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