New York, I Love You (2009)

Yesterday I had the chance to see a movie I have wanted to see for a while now. “New York, I Love You” is a star studded film which includes big names like Natalie Portman, Shia Labeouf, Bradley Cooper, and other actors who has seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth like Ethan Hawke, Andy Garcia, and Orlando Bloom. This is not the complete cast list by no means. Another thing to note here is that the film is made up a series of different stories, made to mesh together to give a glimpse of what it is to live in the heart of the world. Each segment has their own director and each has different elements that work and don’t work.

My favourite segment is Anton Yelchin’s and Natalie Portman’s little bits. Mostly because Yelchin’s segment, which was directed by Brett Ratner was so funny, and Natalie Portman’s segment also included one of my favourite international actor, an Indian artist by the name of Irrfan Khan.

The film does have its strengths, including stellar acting. All the actors besides really play their parts well. Natalie Portman directs one segment about a father and his little girl, and it was really good. Hayden Christenson is also in this and he didn’t annoy me, although that might have been due to the fact that his segment was very short.

The movie is basically a series of short films put mixed together. Some are longer than others, some feature more actors, but each does its part in conveying what life in New York is all about. It takes a multi-cultural approach, as well as focusing on the emotional toll of living in such a large population while simultaneously experiencing those intimate encounters that make up our day to day living. The short glimpses into the character’s lives doesn’t really show a lot about what is going on in thei lives, but rather what is going on in their heads at that particular moment, and in that it excells.

Its a very relateable movie simply because the messages are purposefully broad and open-ended. They are just vague enough that you can get something out of each story. I recommend watching the movie, but watching it with friends because the film is a great conversation starter. Because the stories are so short, its a fun and light watch, but it hits it mark as a fresh entry in your film library.


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