The Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Oscar season is upon us, and soon, we will be basking in the prelude to the Academy Awards in March. The Golden Globes however are just around the corner, and as  movie critic I feel it is my duty to watch all the nominees for the Best Picture categorie. So when I went to see the list, to my surprise, I notice that there seems to be a very obvious omission, a film entitled “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”, by a little known writer and director named Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson is one of my favourite write/director/producers at the moment. His films, although few, have the ability to resonate with true fans of the art. Meticulously capturing the emotions and complex behavior of his characters through inspired performances from his cast, Anderson is able to mesh surreal plots with a sense of reality, and this film is not an exception.

Fantastic Mr. Fox, respresents Anderson’s first animated endevour, and, it is a successful one. No movie this year has made me laugh as hard and as often as Mr. Fox did, and I applaud it. Some argue that there is no style in animated films, but this picture really contradicts that statement.

There are some really big name actors in here, to list off a few:  Clooney, Streep, Murray, Schwartzman, so a couple of new members to Anderson’s list, and a couple of Anderson heavyweights. Its a blast seeing the facial expressions of these characters in the film because they perfectly relate to how you or I would react to these situations.

Its a really funny movie, that has some great visuals, and the trademark Wes Anderson style to go along with it. Check it out for a good time, and you will not be disappointed.


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