Oscar Nomination Schpeel

So Academy Award nominations came out today, and although I have not seen all the films yet, I will by the time the statues are awarded, so I will provide my predictions on who will win and who will be left at the alter so to speak.

Today, I would like to briefly explain whats going through my head reading the list of nominations on IMDB, and one notable exception I see from the list. This movie I am think about was one of my favourites of the year and really opened up some great movies form the past for me to watch. It exemplified a genre and brought a fresh approach to it after a really long time. The film I am referring to is Duncan Jones’ “Moon” starring most notably Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, or by shear luck : Space-Rock (aren’t I brilliant?).

“Moon” was a throwback sci-fi film in its true element; which is facilitating great moral and ethical debates through the medium of film. After watching “Moon”, I, very unexpectedly, had the desire to watch “2001 a Space Odyssey” which I did, but am still uncertain what I think.

Its absence from the nomination list is a testament to Sony Pictures’ unwillingness to support two films for Academy Award promotion, and their reason for this I found ridiculous. They basically said it would cost too much, but seriously, what is sending DVD screeners to the nomination committee members with watermarks over the video. It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

I think its important to know however that Oscars don’t represent the best movies of the year. The true representation of the best movies of year are whether or not they can withstand the test of time. This quality is what separates films like Citizen Kane, Scarface, and my all-time favourite, which you can read about in another blog post, Once Upon a Time in the West. Films that resonate with generations, and are not just Oscar bait materials are great films.

I guess my reaction to the 2010 Academy Award nomination list is that I wasn’t really too surprised. I knew Sony wasn’t supporting one of their best movies from the past year. I knew this had happened before in terms of great actors and great films. I will still follow this race to the golden statue, but will pause before declaring my favourite of the year because I don’t think I can really know that now. That will take a while.


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