Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

I’m sure all of you know who Robert Downey Jr is right? He’s the guy who played Iron Man, the movie that other superhero movie besides “The Dark Knight” that made a ton of money, and from it’s upcoming sequel due to come out in March of 2010. One thing you might not know is that Iron Man starred in a simple movie that came out in 2005 with Batman, a merging of two superheros in a film by Shane Black called “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

“Kiss Kiss”, a dark comedy, stars Jr, and Kilmer and the very underrated but equally beautiful Michelle Monaghan. Released in 2005 to critical praise, it like many other great movies never got the attention it deserved. It coupled with an R-rating, its appeal to the Layman dwindled and its box-office results proved as evidence of this fact.

The film is set in L.A., looking into the secret criminal history of a Hollywood elite. Jr plays Harry Lockhart, a bumbling thief who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to enter the world of film, and strange and dangerous situations ensue.

This is Jr in his element 3 years before he re-entered super-stardom with Iron Man. His witty and bumbling persona is pretty much the same character, only a little less refined and more rugged, given the R-rating, something I think everyone wants to see.

I think the film works best because of its narration, once again by Jr. His dry humour injects a sense of “personalness”, if you can call it that, to the narration and breaks the barrier between audience and film, and puts you in the driver’s seat throughout the ride. Its really something different than any other narration I’ve had the chance to listen to because it seems improvised, granted its probably not, but that perception is what does it for me. Its like you are actually sitting there listening as he tells the story, and you forget you are watching a movie.

If you want to watch something that’s will entertain you, has some very funny moments, or you can’t wait till March to get your fix of Jr’s acting chops, you should definitely watch “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. And while you’re at it, watch Charlie Bartlett as well. Another great film starring Jr, but also Anton Yelchin (Chekov from “Star Trek”). Also go watch “Sherlock Holmes” because Jr + Guy Ritchie should equal movie magic, and while you’re at it, go ahead and watch “Tropic Thunder” just because. Jr’s back and he’s here to stay.

Anyhow, happy holidays, and wish me luck in my last exam of the semester.



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